Pro Rig - Stainless Steel Supplier

Products Covered:
- Stainless Steel Hardware
- Stainless Steel Wire rope 
- Wire balustrade Systems

Product group highlights:
- Extensive range
- Quality, tried and tested products
- Produced by trusted and experienced manufacturers
- Unique and innovative product range

The ProRig brand name covers our range of high quality stainless steel hardware, wire balustrade and wire rope products. Although ProRig products have been sold in Australia for more than a decade the ProRig brand name was only officially launched in 2007. Originally introduced as a means of differentiating our stainless steel hardware and wire rope products from cheaper and lower quality products flooding the market. The ProRig brand name has become synonymous with the supply of innovative, high quality, tried and tested stainless steel products.

Quality, tried and tested products:
For ProRig the quality of our products starts with our suppliers, this is why we only purchase from experienced and trusted manufacturers. Our core range of ProRig hardware products come from a reputable supplier with more than 30 years experience in the stainless steel manufacturing industry. All our wire rope is sourced from a leading Korean manufacture with over 40 years experience in wire rope manufacturing. Our manufactures extensive experience coupled with their strict quality control procedures ensures ProRig products are supplied to you with a consistent high quality.

Supplying Innovative Solutions for Industry:
Several of our innovative products have been launched under the ProRig brand name. In general these products are advertised with the ‘ProRig Original Design’ logo. This logo is your guarantee you are getting supplied a high quality product that has been designed and tested in-house by the ProRig R & D team. See our R & D tab for some recent additions to the range.


stainless steel hardware manufacturer - ProRail

Products Covered:
- Standard and custom manufactured posts 
- Stainless steel handrail components 
- Glass clamps & standoffs

Product group highlights:
- Extensive range
- Quality, expertly finished products
- Produced by trusted and experienced manufacturers
- Unique and innovative product range

The ProRail brand name covers our range of high quality stainless steel modular handrail, glass clamps, and post products. Specially designed to be used in conjunction with ProRig® wire balustrade systems the ProRail range offers a simple and stylish modular handrail system suitable for almost any situation.

Consistent Quality products:
The ProRail range has been manufactured with an emphasis on quality. Sourced from a single manufacturer and specially designed from scratch the ProRail® range of products are made from quality materials with all fittings expertly finished in either a satin grain finish or mirror polish finish. All fittings are required to pass through stringent quality control procedures before they leave the factory ensuring we are able to supply you with a consistently high quality product.

Innovating for an ever changing market:
We are constantly updating the ProRail range to keep our products up to date with the demands of an ever changing market. Our most recent introduction to the range has been our fully welded post range. Supplied complete with heavy duty ProRail® base plate, interchangeable top saddle, and seamlessly welded saddle base, these post have a beautiful quality finish to them. The ProRig R & D team is also busy working on offset handrail designs to comply with new regulations being introduced in the NCC 2013.


CROC - Swaging Tools and Hardware

Products Covered:
- Professional grade hand swage tools
- DIY hand swage tools & wire rope cutters
- Swage sleeves (ferrules)

Product group highlights:
- Quality, heavy duty and expertly finished products
- Produced by trusted and experienced manufacturers
- Extremely competitively priced

The Croc brand name covers our range of Professional grade hand swage tools, DIY hand swage tools, wire rope cutters, and swage sleeves (ferrules). Specially designed for the Australian Shade Sail and balustrade industries the Croc offers some of the most competitively priced, heavy duty, quality hand swage tools on the market.

Engineered for industry:
Built to last, Croc Professional grade tools are a heavy duty tool designed with the tradesman in mind. Perfectly suited to high repetition everyday use with copper and nickel plated copper swaging sleeves. The heavy steel jaws and head piece have been designed to allow maximum pressure on the swaging sleeves to produce a superior grip on the wire. Adjustable Jaw head bolts compensate for any wear and tear over the life of the tool.  These factors combined with the ‘heavy walled’ tube steel handles and thick rubber hand grips ensures users will get the most out of their Croc Professional Grade Tool.

Our Croc DIY hand swage and cutting tools are designed with the home handyman and reseller in mind. These low cost and easy to use tools are ideal for resale to and use by DIY customers.

ECON - High quality stainless steel

Products Covered:
- Limited range of Stainless Steel Hardware
Limited range of Wire balustrade Systems
- Limited range of handrail fittings

Product group highlights:
- mnufactured from high quality stainless steel
- Produced by trusted and experienced manufacturers
- Competitively priced

The Econ brand name covers a limited range of stainless steel hardware, wire balustrade and handrail products. These products offer you and your customer a budget option on some of our most popular product lines, while still bringing you a high quality product