Image Terms of Use


ProRig Hardware Image Terms of Use 



Important: By downloading or using any images from our website ( you are agreeing to the ‘ProRig Image Terms of Use’ below.  You are required to sign a hardcopy of the below agreement prior to use or download of imagery.  Please contact [email protected] for full documentation for signing.


The following is an agreement between you or the employer or other entity on whose behalf you are entering into this agreement ("you" or "Customer" or “your company”)



The purpose of this agreement is to assist in the marketing and promotion of ProRig stainless steel fittings and associated products supplied by ProRig Hardware to your company.



ProRig Hardware agrees to provide artwork in an electronic format containing our own copyright images for use in the marketing of our products by your company. In exchange Your company agrees to purchase all items for which the images relate to exclusively from ProRig Hardware.


The reason why we need to insist on this exclusivity is that we have a reputation as suppliers of good quality Stainless Steel Hardware and associated products. The images we are agreeing to supply you can be identified by many of your customers as being the same as our images and they will derive that product being supplied your company is the same as our product.


Potential harm can be done to our reputation if you were to supply your customers with products that come from another supplier, as their product will not be the same as our product. 


We only purchase from reputable and experienced manufacturers and will usually pay more for our products to obtain an increase in quality.  



“Artwork” shall mean all original copyrighted logo(s), illustration(s), photo(s), and or graphic(s) in hard copy, print, or digital format.



Use of our artwork is limited to use on your companies website.

These images are not to be copied, scanned or reproduced etcetera in any media without prior written permission from ProRig Hardware.




ProRig Hardware retains ownership of all artworks, copyrights, and trademarks and permits your company to use the artwork only as described above. Your company may not make any other use of the material other than those authorised herein without prior written permission from ProRig Hardware.


Purchasing Expectations

ProRig Hardware reserves the right to terminate this agreement if there is no purchase activity through your account for a period of 3 months or more. ProRig Hardware also reserves the right to terminate this agreement if non ProRig products are being passed off as ProRig products. 



Both parties shall be entitled to terminate this agreement for any reason with 30 days prior notice, stating the intent to terminate and intended date of termination. If any terms of the agreement are breached it may be terminated immediately.


Upon effective date of termination, all rights and interest in the artwork granted by ProRig Hardware herein to you will cease.