HS-08T Hydraulic Hand Swaging Tool

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Hydraulic Swager Tool

This industrial strength Hydraulic Swager Tool produces 8 tonne of pressure to professional swage/crimp stainless steel fittings plus aluminium, copper & nickel coated ferrules and end stops to stainless steel wire.


Suitable for 3.2mm wire, this DIY swaging tool comes with 5 sets of chrome vanadium plated dies in a handy hard plastic carry case.  


Our hydraulic hand swage and cutting tools are designed with the home handyman and reseller in mind. These low cost and easy to use tools are ideal for resale to and use by DIY customers.



This hydraulic hand swage tool can be automatically adjusted in any direction.  Stable crimping inflow resistance and high efficiency.  It is ideal for compression of Cu/AI terminals in the end and middle of power wiring line, making it also ideal for electricians.


Features & Benefits:

  • 8 tonne of pressure at the head
  • 5 sets of Chrome Vanadium Carbon Steel Swaging Dies 
  • Dies can be locked in place
  • Fitted with safety unit to release pressure automatically when pressure reaches required limit
  • Suits swaging/crimping Nickel Coated Copper Ferrules/Swages as well as Stainless Steel Fittings
  • Works with swageable fittings for 3.2mm
  • Sturdy carry case
  • Rubberised ergonomic handles make it easier to use for extended periods

Operational Manual:

In crimping conductor, select demanded conductor size, match relevant crimping size.  Then put terminal in the middle of crimping die.  Tighten oil return switch.  Turn moveable handle to drive plunger work.  Then oil pressure lifts.  Big plunger push dripping die ahead until two pieces of dies touch slightly.  (Don’t impose more pressure.  Otherwise parts inside would be damaged).  Then undo oil return switch.  The piston automatically resets. 



  • Overall length of the tool 415mm x 125mm x 65mm for good leverage
  • Weight 2.8kg
  • Minimum / maximum Diameter of Wire – 3.2mm but other die sizes will also fit this device.
  • Force of tool – 8 tonnes with #10 dies



  • 1 – Heavy Duty Hydraulic Swage Tool 
  • 1 – Clip Lock Plastic Moulded Case
  • 10 – Die Set (to suit 3.2mm wire)
  • 5 - Spare plastic seals