RB-30A Rafter Bracket Assembly

  • RB-30A Rafter Bracket Assembly
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Of course to achieve this massive load of 1200kgs, your roof structure will probably need some strengthening. Refer to engineer when necessary.


Comes complete with:

- 1 x RB-30 Rafter bracket

- 8 x M10 x 70mm Bolts

- 8 x M10 Zinc Washer 

- 4 x backing plates

- 1 x M10 Eye bolt

- 1 x M10 Hex Nut


5 times stronger than all other rafter brackets - Minimum

Made with high strength steel

Only 2.5mm of deflection at the tile height when loaded to 1200kg

LOWER COST than other Rafter Bracket Assemblies

Special Design Large Oversized Washers Included to spread the load over a larger area

2 through holes allow for fitting of Eye Bolts in 4 directions

Shade sail can be connected at any angle